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A quote is an initial step for solar:

Not only is it possible to "Go Solar" with no money down, but it's an investment.

That is why we arrange for an in-home consultation so that we can assess your home's age, square footage, and orientation. During this initial consultation, we will ask you questions about your property to select the best solar installation for you. It's the first step toward a personalized Solar Energy Auditors quote for a correctly sized solar system that will satisfy your family's current and future demands.

Determining Your Solar Quote

While solar internet calculators can provide a rough estimate, getting a tailored quote is the only way to know your home's precise solar system needs. The energy consumption and usage trends of a residence are summarized in a personalized quote. Everyone doesn't require the same solar products.

Importance of Electricity Usage

We can determine the ideal solar array size for homes based on how much energy the home utilizes (usage or kWh usage). While a few months' worth's of use will give you an indication, an entire year's worth of utilization measured in kWh will show you how the property owner's energy consumption fluctuates per year.

We make sure that your usage is high enough to get the benefits of a solar energy system. The best household solar prospects use around 6,000 kWh per year (an average of 500 kWh per month). Solar is not a good fit for those who use less energy, but we can still work with you.

Check your monthly electricity bills for a year to assess your home's usage. You can request a year's worth of utility usage from your utility company by calling them.

Other Factors to Consider

The estimate includes electricity consumption, but it isn't the only consideration in assessing a home's solar system. Solar Energy Auditors will ask homeowners various questions to find the best equipment selections and payment programs for their needs. These elements, when considered together, will aid us in determining whether or not solar is a viable alternative. Example: What is the condition of you Air Condition, Hot Water Heater and Roof.

Credit Score Expectations

Even though solar energy saves more money over time than standard electricity, most solar energy system owners opt for a payment plan. Although a cash purchase has the highest solar ROI, solar loans still save money. Therefore the homeowner's credit score is vital in solar qualification—the higher the credit score, the cheaper the payment program's interest rate.

A low debt-to-income ratio, in addition to a high credit score, is beneficial. Solar Energy Auditors will inquire about the creditworthiness of the homeowner. Although an upfront purchase of a solar system may appear to be costly, it is significantly more profitable than leasing solar panels.

Qualification for the Federal Solar Incentive Program

The cost of a solar system might be significantly reduced if you qualify for federal solar incentives. The Federal Tax Credit, often known as the investment tax credit (ITC), allows customers to deduct 26% of the solar power system installation bill from their federal taxes starting in 2020. The federal ITC is 22% if the building begins in 2021. After December 2021, the credit for home solar installations will be phased out.

Shading, Roof Type, and Dimensions

While accurate roof measurements are required for a unique quote, we can start with estimates from Google Earth. Solar Energy Auditors will want to know the type and age of the roof, as well as the home's address, during our initial chats. This data will aid us in making a preliminary decision about how the system will be built.

Homes with limited space, heavy shade, or old roofing may require additional work or specialized equipment for a proper installation. If a roof installment is not feasible, a ground mount installation could be an alternative if there is enough surrounding area.

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