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Homes or businesses which install solar panels can generate excess electricity, reducing their electrical bills. Reducing monthly electric bills and helping the environment is a priority for most homes owners.

SOLAR 101: Solar energy is captured by solar panels convert sunlight into useful electricity. Solar power is then converted into electricity. (voltage), giving the term "photovoltaic" or photovoltaic.


Florida is in the midst of one of the largest solar expansions in the country. There is multiple ways for residential and commercial customers in Clearwater to benefit from solar.

1.) The cost of solar has dramatically reduced in the past 10 years making it more affordable than ever before.

2.) Currently Florida has a Tax Credit of 26% on Solar. (Warning this Tax Credit could go down as soon as next year.)

3.) Solar can bring down your total monthly electric bill. (Based on Financing)

4.) Homes and Commercial building can sell for more with Solar Installed.

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Want More Reasons to go Solar

Tax Credit

$0 Down

Power Production Guarantee

Built To Last

Full System Ownership

Savings from day 1

Home value increase

Online Monitoring

Solar Energy Auditors currently services the Clearwater Area.

We are a veteran-owned company that is based in Florida.  That offers affordable, solar energy solutions.

We have a variety of cost-effective solar energy systems to fit every need. Offering several financing options, including no money down.

We simplify the process of going solar, so you can relax and enjoy the benefits of clean, renewable energy. We offer several solar energy solutions, including Solar Panels, Solar Fans, Solar hot water heaters and Pergolas, to help you save money, and go energy independent.

Why let the power company control your electric bill?

With offices throughout Florida and in Ft. Myers, we provide superior service and customer support before and after installation. Most of our Solar products include a 25-year warranty.

Our free energy audit for your home or business, will get you all the information needed to make a well informed decision to see if solar is right for you.

Meet Our Team in Clearwater

Rhett Walsh
Mackenzie Boyd
Sammy Flores
Robert Dunwall

Rhett Walsh

Mackenzie Boyd

Sammy Flores

Robert Dunwall

3 Easy Steps to Help You Go Solar!

Step 1


One of our expert solar consultants will determine if your home is right for solar. You'll receive an accurate quote and a drawing of your home’s new solar design. Lock in low energy costs for the next 25 years.

Step 2


We handle all the details from permitting, inspections, and electrical work. Then we coordinate with your utility company to connect your system to the grid. After all the work is finished, we make one last safety check before turning the system on.

Step 3


Congratulations! You are now solar, and the sun currently powers your home! You’ll be the envy of your neighbors and help save the planet. Relax and enjoy saving money and having your life powered by the sun.

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